Our company

Arc Food Invest was founded in 2014 by three passionate entrepreneurs jointly boasting over 50 years' experience working at the best agricultural food companies across Europe.

With our investments, we aim to support local players specialised in the processing of high-quality agricultural food products. As an economic player, we want to contribute to creating economic activity and supporting employment in a sector we are passionate about, namely fresh, high-quality food products.

Shared values

With the acquisition of two family businesses, L'Artisane in 2014 and Ansolive in 2016, we chose to invest in the values we share with these two companies: authenticity, quality, creativity and respect. We strive to promote their development through long-term support, boosting both their production capacity and innovation efforts in respect of the ingredients and products, as well as their staff, customers and consumers.

After all, great ingredients are the key to great products.

For over two decades, L'Artisane and Ansolive have put their know-how at the service of flavour and authenticity.

Ansolive specialises in quality olives and Mediterranean products. This one-of-a-kind company makes continuous investments to offer top-quality products. Ingredients are selected with the greatest care and production processes are closely monitored to create tasty recipes with rich flavours, without flavour enhancers. Its quality system has earned the company several certifications: BRC and IFS.

L'Artisane is the market leader in Belgium for fresh pizzas. This family business initially sold its products exclusively at markets, and it has never added any preservatives or additives to its dishes.

We've joined forces to offer customers healthy and delicious products that reflect the authentic Mediterranean traditions. Or simply put, foods drenched in sunlight to enjoy in the comfort of your home. Truly divine!

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