Our olives are picked with the utmost care by hand and right before being perfectly ripe, mainly in Greece. Our premium green olives are cultivated in the Halkidikis region. Our black olives mature on the trees and our Kalamata olives, which come from the south of Greece, are without a doubt the best of their kind.

Before using them, we reduce their salt content (since brine contains quite a lot of salt) with a natural treatment developed in-house. This technology prevents the olives from oxidising and ensures they remain firm and shiny in a homogeneous mixture without a trace of any contamination.

The olives prepared at our workshops do not contain any colourings or flavour enhancers. They are not subject to any temperature fluctuations. We gently mix them with sunflower oil, fresh aromatic herbs, legumes, peppers, garlic and more, following authentic recipes from the sunny Mediterranean shores.

In fact, to guarantee freshness, we have developed a special packaging with a modified protective atmosphere, which does not leave any oxygen residues in the tubs.

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